Young Toddler Program:

This program is designed to ease the transition from the infant room to the two-year-old Toddler room.

These children are walking, eating all table food, and no longer need a morning nap. This is the time of discovery for your toddler where they can physically move and learn about everything around them and experience a wider range of stimulating activities. Our young toddler teachers provide a curriculum with more hands on activities, which are designed to develop your toddler’s physical, social, intellectual, and emotional growth. Along with reading stories and singing, they are introduced to colors, shapes, sizes and animal sounds. Our caregivers engage in building a toddler’s self- esteem by individual accomplishment and positive reinforcement through activities such as artwork, being helpers by putting their toys away, playing independently and in small groups. We offer many opportunities for large motor activities both inside and outside with age appropriated toys and equipment.

 photos of our Young Toddler Room


Young Toddler Facilities

Our young toddler room is filled with many age appropriate toys and learning materials.

Why Choose Small Steps?

Grow with Us.

We offer programs and options for children as young as 6 weeks up to 12 years old. So you don’t have to worry about finding a new facility every year.

Our Staff

Many of our staff members have been with us for years and are highly experienced and hold early childhood education degrees.

Peace of Mind

Child Safety and Security is always our top concern. We offer a gated playground, electronically locked main doors, security cameras, and more.

Parents Recommend us

Over the last 32 years we’ve had 1000’s of happy children and parents. Feel free to read our testimonials and reviews to see for yourself.

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