The summer camps they hold every summer is worth it. The staff provides a kid friendly environment and a fun one as well. On Wednesdays they go on field trips to different places every week or have a visitor to the school. I bet all kids come home raving about the trip. Some trips include Nixon Park, ice cream shops, mini golf etc. The best part of the trips is the kids get to spend time with their friends. On Tuesdays and Thursdays they take trips to Wisehaven swimming pool. However the kids are not aloud to go on the water slide and diving boards which I think are good safety precautions. They give you a permission slip at the beginning of the summer which indicate how deep you want them to go for example 4 ft, 5ft etc. Then Mondays and Fridays are rest days the kids go outside on to the big field and play group activities like capture the flag, red rover, shark attack, tag, volleyball, soccer, basketball and way more. They also have playgrounds for young one and older ones. That include a castle, ”monkey bars,” slide, swings, for all heights, and a black top, They also have club rotations such as field day, cooking, video games, scrapbooking and more. During the summer they hold small carnivals, BBQs etc which the kids stay afterwards. I would recommend this summer camp to anyone I hear it is so much fun!